Are you interested in studying abroad and wish to sit the IELTS exam? Would you like to prepare for IELTS easily and effectively? Do you want to achieve a high score in all sections of the IELTS exam? E-languageschool, with 30 years of experience in helping students achieve high scores in international language assessment exams, is here to guide you towards success.


  •  8 Complete IELTS online Tests with over 2400 minutes (40 hours) of practice
  • 480 minutes (8 hours) of Academic Reading Practice Tests with correct answer explanations
  • 720 minutes (12 hours) of Academic Writing Practice Tests with tips, techniques and sample essays to help you organize and write each essay
  • 600 minutes (10 hours) of Academic Listening Practice Tests with correct answer explanations
  • 500 minutes (over 8 hours) of Academic Speaking Practice Tests with instructions, required vocabulary and model answers
  • 365 days full access to the IELTS online course, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Weekly webinars on Tips and Guidelines in order to achieve the highest possible score in the IELTS Examination


  • Gain knowledge and skills necessary to pass the IELTS Examination.
  • Improve your reading comprehension skills.
  • Learn to write better essays for the requirements of the IELTS exam.
  • Perform better in the Listening section.
  • Familiarize yourself with the required vocabulary and expressions to speak fluently.
  • Feel confident about passing the IELTS Examination.
  • Study anywhere, anytime from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


  • Students who wish to study abroad for undergraduate courses
  • Students who wish to study abroad for postgraduate courses
  • Professionals in all fields who need to provide proof of their English language skills in view of promotion or better career opportunities
  • Anyone interested in gaining confidence in the preparation of the IELTS Examination
  • Students already preparing for the IELTS Examination who would like extra practice to boost their performance in the exam and achieve the highest possible score

‘I enrolled in this course one week before the IELTS exam and the results were absolutely amazing! I got a Band 7 average which was a huge success. Thank you E-languageschool!’
‘Georgia L., student’

‘Being able to balance work and studying for my IELTS exam was my biggest challenge. I achieved a Band 7.5 average thanks to E-languageschool.’
‘Panos C., student

‘The first time I chose to do the IELTS Examination without consulting E-languageschool, my score was Band 6 average. The second time I decided to consult E-languageschool and in less than two weeks I managed to score a Band 8 average. E-languageschool is definitely the most professional, academic online platform available!’
‘Konstantinos C., doctor’

‘I loved this course as I was able to repeat it over and over again. I think I repeated all of the course three times just to gain the confidence I needed to tackle the IELTS exam. On the day of the exam I finished earlier than required and my score, Band 7 average….Wow!’
‘Maria A., student’

‘If you have studied with E-languageschool before, that’s why you’re here. If you haven’t – you’re in for a treat. Welcome to the best online school! Every bit of information, tips, sample essays, guidelines is useful and will save you time and money to get the results you want. On completing the IELTS online course, I achieved a Band 6.5 average which was exactly what I needed for my postgraduate course. Thank you!’
‘Amanda T., student’

‘After completing my studies at University, I wanted to enroll in a postgraduate course. However the last time I attended English classes was over six years ago and I didn’t know how to go about achieving a high score in the IELTS Examination in a very short period of time. E-languageschool saved my life as in less than three months I managed to get a Band 7 average. Thank you for everything!’
‘John A., student’

Starting today, you will receive access to the IELTS ONLINE COURSE (total of 32 sections) which is yours to keep for one year and you’ll be able to refer back to it whenever and as many times as you want in order to achieve the desired result. On completion of a section of the IELTS course, it is automatically marked providing justifications and explanations for the answers, and the result is stored in your progress report. This offers you the flexibility to monitor your progress and to repeat any part of the course anytime you choose in order to improve your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. If you don’t manage to complete each section in the allocated time, don’t worry, you can start again whenever you are ready.

As a free gift, when you sign up for this course you will receive sample questions of the IELTS exam free of charge to do at your own convenience in order to familiarize yourself with all the possible question types which appear in the IELTS exam. Also, we will offer you free webinars on a weekly basis with ideas on how to pass IELTS with flying colours. We will also let you know about other courses and offers from E-languageschool that we think you might be interested in.

We are offering this course with the option of selecting to do 4 full IELTS tests (Module 1) with 16 sections at €24.95. If you wish to continue to do more tests, you can do another 4 full IELTS tests (Module 2) with another 16 sections at €24.95. A total of €49.90 for 2 Modules with 8 full IELTS tests. This is a special offer which will expire very soon.


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